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Nehas Evento

Wedding Event Organiser

Wedding is a period for festivity, celebration and delight. It denote the start of another part in the lives of two people who are currently bound to experience whatever remains of their lives together. The separate groups of these two people unite to commend the service and to shower endowments on the love birds. However this festival of satisfaction likewise includes a considerable measure of anxiety, stringent courses of events and diligent work. This is the place Nehas Evento comes in as your own Wedding Planner.

Choose your own theme or consider our suggestions – the choices are boundless. The underlying element of the theme will be reflected right from the wedding invitation to the wedding venue, in the décor, the take home gifts and all the bridal paraphernalia. Sit down and breathe easy, while our professional team at Nehas Evento works on all these essentials.

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